Training Materials

Currently available PIC/S training materials resulting from PIC/S training events, such as Seminars, Expert Circles, New Inspector Training Courses, Training for Auditors and other PIC/S Training events can be consulted in the protected database below. These materials are for PIC/S Inspectors-only. There are no publicly available materials. Login is required.

Please note that all PIA materials are copyright protected and must be considered as such, even without an explicit copyright protection ©. They cannot be reproduced, in part or in full, without the PIC/S Secretariat’s prior permission and, where applicable, other concerned copyright holder(s). Materials are for the personal use of PIC/S Inspectors and of those to whom permission has been granted by PIC/S. By acceding to this webpage, users commit to abide to the above-mentioned conditions.



1 Very educative   5 For information, not educative

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