Coached Inspections Programme

For new Inspectors or Inspectors, who wish to improve their inspection skills in a specific field, PIC/S offers a programme on coached inspections (CIP). The programme consists in teaming up a junior Inspector with an experimented Inspector during a routine inspection.The programme is open to Inspectors from Participating Authorities and Applicants.

Key Features 

A junior Inspector is teamed up with an experimented Inspector during a routine inspection. The coached inspection is to be considered as a training tool for Inspectors for improving quality performance of the concerned Inspectorate. Two sets of reports are issued. An inspection report (by the lead Inspector) from the inspection and a coaching report (by the observer(s)). The lead Inspector can be either the trainer or the trainee. The PIC/S Sub-Committee on Training periodically reviews the coached inspection reports in order to evaluate the efficiency and usefulness of the programme.

Regular inspections (e.g. partial or total GMP compliance assessment) are normally used for the purpose of coached inspections.

How to apply for the CIP

Inspectors interested in applying for the CIP are invited to contact the Secretariat who will provide an application form and help co-ordinate the establishment of a CIP team.