Joint Visits Programme

Another avenue for the training for Inspectors is the PIC/S Joint Visits Programme (JVP). Under this programme three Inspectors from three different countries are teamed up to observe GMP inspections in each country with a view to comparing inspection procedures and techniques and to harmonise GMP interpretation. The programme is open only to PIC/S Participating Authorities.


Key Features 

Three Inspectors from three different countries are teamed up to observe GMP inspections in each country with a view to comparing inspection procedures and techniques and to harmonise GMP interpretation. Any differences are reported to the PIC/S Sub-Committee on Training for appropriate action.

The organisation of joint visits has proved an excellent means for the further training of Inspectors through mutual exchange of experience and a useful contribution to the maintenance of mutual confidence between Competent Authorities.

JVP groups are active in a number of fields related to GMP (Blood, Active Pharmaceutial Ingredients, Medicinal Gases, etc.) as well as in the fields of Good Distribution Practices (GDP), Good Clinical Practices (GCP) and Good Pharmacovigilance Practices (GVP).

JVP Groups

Group number



82 Good Clinical Practices Completed
98 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) Completed
103 Good Clinical Practices Completed
104 Non-sterile Completed
106 Sterile Dismantled
107 Good Clinical Practices Completed
108 Good Manufacturing Practices Completed
109 Non-sterile Dismantled
110 Sterile Dismantled
111 Good Clinical Practices Completed
112 Good Distribution Practices Completed
113 Good Manufacturing Practices Ongoing
114 Sterile Ongoing
115 Non-sterile Completed
116 Good Clinical Practices Ongoing
117 Sterile Completed
118 Vet Completed
119 Gas Manufacture Completed 
120 Sterile Ongoing
121 Good Manufacturing Practices Ongoing
122 Good Clinical Practices Ongoing
123 Good Clinical Practices Completed
124 Good Pharmacovigiliance Practices Ongoing
125 Good Pharmacovigiliance Practices Ongoing
126 Good Pharmacovigiliance Practices Ongoing
127 Good Pharmacovigiliance Practices Ongoing
128 Good Pharmacovigiliance Practices Completed
129 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients  Ongoing
130 Good Clinical Practices Ongoing
131 Good Distribution Practices Ongoing
132 Good Distribution Practices Ongoing
133 Good Pharmacovigilance Practices Ongoing
134 Good Clinical Practices Ongoing
135 Good Clinical Practices Ongoing
136 Good Pharmacovigilance Practices Ongoing


How to join a JVP Group

Inspectors interested in joining a JVP group are invited to contact the Secretariat who will provide an application form and help co-ordinate the establishment of a new JVP group in the relevant field.