The decision-making (“legislative”) body is the PIC/S Committee, which is an assembly of the representatives of all Participating Authorities. The PIC/S Committee has 7 Sub-Committees and numerous working groups. The executive body is the PIC/S Executive Bureau, which comprises the Chairperson, the Deputy Chairperson, the immediate former Chairperson, the 7 Chairs of Sub-Committees and the Secretary. The PIC/S Secretariat assists both the PIC/S Committee and the PIC/S Executive Bureau in their tasks.

Organisational chart
Organisational Chart of PIC/S 

This new Sub-Committee structure was developed and came into force on 1 January 2014, in order to:

  • favour the participation of all PIC/S Participating Authorities;
  • establish a more participative and efficient organisation of PIC/S, where each Sub-Committee will be responsible for its respective core areas and will take the lead in developing policies;
  • reply to PIC/S’s growing membership.

The PIC Scheme is a flexible arrangement between Regulatory Authorities, which allows the Organisation to be very dynamic and proactive. A Committee of the Participating Authorities’ representatives (PIC/S Committee) supervises the operation of the Scheme. All decisions are taken unanimously. The Committee is assisted in its task by 7 Sub-Committees (e.g. on the training of Inspectors, on GMDP harmonisation, etc.), by an Executive Bureau, which steers the Organisation in between meetings, and by a small Secretariat, which mainly assists the Committee, the Sub-Committees, the Bureau and Participating Authorities in their duties.