Organisational Structure

As the PIC Scheme is an arrangement between Regulatory Authorities, it is very flexible, dynamic and proactive. A Committee of the Participating Authorities’ representatives (PIC/S Committee) supervises the operation of the Scheme. All decisions are taken unanimously. The Committee is assisted in its task by 7 Sub-Committees (e.g. on the training of Inspectors, on GMDP harmonisation, etc.), by an Executive Bureau, which steers the Organisation in between meetings, and by a small Secretariat, which mainly assists the Committee, the Sub-Committees, the Bureau and Participating Authorities in their duties.

Legal form

Between 1971 and 2003, PIC/S did not have a distinct legal identity. Its Secretariat was provided by the European Free Trade Association...



The decision-making (“legislative”) body is the PIC/S Committee, which is an assembly of the representatives of all Participating Authorities. The PIC/S Committee has 7 Sub-Committees and numerous working groups...



Because of PIC/S dual nature (an international treaty - the PIC Convention - and an arrangement between Competent Authorities - the PIC Scheme), the Committee, which governs the Organisation, is a joint Committee...


Executive Bureau

The PIC/S Chairperson is assisted in his/her task by the PIC/S Deputy Chairperson, the immediate past PIC/S Chairperson, the Chairs of Sub-Committees and the PIC/S Secretary (the latter with no voting right)...



The PIC Scheme provides that “A Secretariat shall be appointed by the Committee to deal with the services and meeting facilities. It may also provide secretariat services to other organisations.


Office Holders

Since 1971, there have been 22 Chairpersons of whom a number were able to reunite at the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of PIC/S in Geneva (Switzerland) in 2011.