The PIC Scheme provides that “A Secretariat shall be appointed by the Committee to deal with the services and meeting facilities. It may also provide secretariat services to other organisations. The Secretariat shall in particular (a) prepare meetings of the Committee, and (b) implement the Committee’s decisions and recommendations.”

From left to right: Daniel Brunner, Marina Ditesheim, Fabienne Bochaton, Jeanine Spahn, Josephine Langley and Jeffrey Hodgson

The Secretariat also maintains PIC/S documentation and ensures the co-ordination of PIC/S activities, in close co-operation with the PIC/S Chairperson.

The Secretariat services for the Committee are performed at present by the staff of the PIC/S Secretariat in Geneva.

It consists of:

  • a Secretary to the PIC/S Committee;
  • a Deputy Secretary to the PIC/S Committee;
  • a Treasurer; and 
  • Assistant Secretary (ies).

All Secretariat Staff Members are appointed by the Executive Bureau in line with the Staff Agreement, which regulates their employment conditions.